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E-Book Goes on Sale TODAY!

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Natasha’s Six Rules on Choosing the Perfect Venue for your Wedding

 One of the first things couple do after getting engaged is picking a date and securing it at a venue. Choosing the right venue is one of the most important and challenging selections you will have to make, as it can either make or break the success of your wedding.

 Researching venues and negotiating with them can be very time-consuming for each couple, and in many cases it may be difficult to know if you are really getting a good deal for your wedding. When choosing the right venues please pay close attention to my list of SIX rules that I use in selecting the ideal venue for a wedding, without breaking your bank.


 Rule #1: Make sure to find a venue that is large enough to accommodate the number of people on your guest list. When you go and look at venues you will be looking at an enormous empty room, but throw in wedding essentials- tables, chairs, buffets, bars, bands, djs, dance floor, guests- will the room accommodate for this? Even if you choose an outdoor space, you will need ample room for these essentials and more (if you choose to have more). Ask the venue coordinator if it is possible to take a peak of another wedding with an equivalent guest list size to yours is taking place- or of past photographs so you can get a general idea of what the room will look like after you have placed the essentials and guests in it. However, if you have your heart set on a venue that only holds a certain amount of people, then you can tailor your guest list to match that venue.

Rule #2: Your room should have space where your guests can eat, drink, talk, and dance. When you are standing in the room try and envision where each activity would happen. If a room is too small to separate into sections, or in the shape of an S or any other figure, it will most likely feel crammed. The best possible shape you can have in your venue would be a square or rectangle, with the head table situated in the middle at the front of the room. This will ensure that all of your guests will be able to see you, your groom, and bridal party at all times. Low ceilings can also give your wedding a stuffy feeling, so opt for a venue that has high ceilings. Heights matters a lot- so do not overlook them. Also, make sure when envisioning your day in the empty space, you note of the locations of each column or obstructions- which will block people`s views of the dance floor or head table.


Rule #3: When looking for venues keep in mind that many buildings are old and are not visually appealing from the outside, however, do not overlook these venues, they usually renovated the inside and have gorgeous rooms. No matter what venue you are looking at, new or old, make sure to do a thorough inspection of the room and site. Look for tears in the wall paper or holes in the carpet, carpets are often overlooked and have been known to be a make it or break it for some venues.  Always check the lobby as well, as this is the first place your guests will walk in to and the first thing they will see. If you are all about first impressions you will want to make sure that the lobby has beautiful statues or artwork, along with high ceilings that wow your guests. You also want to make sure your room stands out as well; this is something else that people will notice when they first walk in. Does it have beautiful chandeliers? Persian Carpets? European styles statues? All of this is to be considered in choosing the right place. They also make for great backgrounds for your photographs.

RULE #4Another item in a venue that can make or break your event, and sometimes couple overlook it is the lighting. You want to make sure this is a very important item on your list when choosing a venue, as lighting is very powerful in creating moods and transforming a space. If your reception is during the day, make sure the venue has a lot of windows so you can get a lot of day light. If your reception is held in the evening make sure the room is not too dim, causing people to have trouble seeing the person in front of them or their meal. When you have your choices of venues narrowed down make sure to visit it at the time of day that you want your reception to be held so you can get a great idea of what your reception will look like during that time.

Rule #5- If you are thinking of having a band or dj, make sure the room has good acoustics. You don’t want to choose a venue and then finding out it is echoed, causing your guests to have difficulty hearing the performance. If you are looking to amplify the entertainment’s sound- a tile or wood floor would be best, while a thick carpet floor might tend to muffle the sound. Also, keep in mind the amount of outlets that are available in your room. Your vendors may need access to a number of them, you also want to take note of the exact location of each one so when you are planning out the layout you keep the dj or entertainment close by to them. Make sure to ask your venue coordinator if they allow outside DJ services, sometimes venues have in-house DJ services that they prefer their clients use, however, you do have the option in hiring your own but you will be required to pay a fee to the in-house dj.

And Last but Not Least….


Rule #6- Make sure your venue has a large parking lot, garage, or a big street where it is legal to park. You want your guests to have full accessibility to parking, and try to look for venues that offer free parking for their guests. If parking is a problem within your venue, look for other ways for your guests to get to the reception. Would you be willing to rent shuttle buses or taxi cabs to bring your guests from the ceremony to the reception? Don’t get me wrong inadequate parking doesn’t necessarily have to be a deal breaker, if you fell in love with the venue, however, it may end up costing you more time and money to figure out alternative solutions.

Our Top 5 Oscar 2013 Best Dressed List

The Oscars is not only full of awards but it is also full of fashion. This year we picked our top 5 best dressed. Who do you think made the list?

Number 5…..


One of our favorite actresses, Jennifer Aniston wore a stunning tomato red strapless dress by Valentino. Instead of her usual classy black dress, she opted for something that would allow her to stand out, and this Valentino dress sure did the trick. She accesorized it with a metallic box clutch and drop earrings. Simply beautiful.


Number Four……


This mexican beauty Salma Hayek stood out from the crowd in her midnight blue velvet dress designed by Alexander McQueen. The dress also featured a stunning gold embellished collar, which Salma pulled off perfectly with her hair tied up in a sock bun. To accesorize the dress she used a skull gold box clutch also designed by Alexander McQueen. What a perfect dress for Salma.


Number Three….


Best supporting actress winner Anne Hathaway wore a lovely coloumn-styled Prada dress in the lightest shade of pink. This dress was not only beautiful from the front it was also beautiful from the back, with criss-cross ribbon straps and a sash bow across the lower section, she truly looked like a princess. Anne accesorized the dress with dazzling jewels by Tiffany and Co.


Number Two….


Best Actress Oscar Winner, Jennifer Lawrence looked like a princess in this strapless ivory gown by Dior Haute Couture, which she accessorized with a metallic clutch and jewels.

And finally, our top Oscar 2013 Best Dressed is………..


Amy Adams. Not many people can pull off wearing a fairy tale gown to the Oscars, but Amy showed them how it is done. We are in love with this icy blue strapless styled dress with sparkly beading and frothy tulle ruffles by Oscar de la Renta. Amy kept her accessories simple, yet classy with drop earrings and a bracelet to top everything off. Amy looked unbelievable in this dress, and we think this style and colour will be popping up more with brides.


Do you agree with our Top 5 Oscar 2013 Best Dressed List? Do you think we are missing someone? Let us know, comment below.





Have You Thought About Everything For Your Wedding?

 When a wedding takes over 250+ hours to plan a lot of detail goes into planning and sometimes things tend to be forgotten in the planning process.   Don’t worry, we have conducted research and found that these top 10 items are the most common ones that bride’s tend to forget in planning their wedding and would love to share them with you, so you don’t forget them.

Print out these article and keep it handy so you can reference it from time to time, making sure that you are not one of the many bride’s that forgets these items.


10. Passports– Make sure you and your groom’s passports are not expired.  If they are expired please make sure to renew them as soon as possible. Sometimes they may take longer to get back then expected.

9. Day of Emergency Kit– Please remember to pack a day of emergency kit, this can help reduce stress off of any emergency that does occur on the day of your wedding. From ripped dresses to stomach aches, the items in this kit can solve any emergency. If you have hired a wedding planner (like Events by Natasha) they will provide you with a Day of Emergency Kit to use for the day of your wedding. A Day of Emergency Kit can include, but is not limited to:

  •   Clear nail Polish
  • Nail File
  • Nail polish (bridesmaids shade and bride’s shade)
  • Makeup
  • Stocking
  • Hairspray
  • Comb, brush, and teasing comb
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair elastics
  •  Tissues
  •  Lint brush
  • Backings to earrings
  •  Mini flat iron (for touch-ups)
  •  Baby Powers (Brides- sometimes you may spill something on your dress, baby powder will help get out the stains fast)
  •  Visine Eye drops for red dry eyes
  •  Contact lens solution and case
  • Tums, Midol, Advil, Tylenol
  •  Deodorant, Body Spray, Body lotion
  •  Tampons and pads
  •  Band-aids (for those unexpected blisters)
  •  Gum and Mints
  •  Extra garter belt
  •  Flats (for bride and bridesmaids)
  •  Cell phone Charger
  •  Makeup Wipes or Makeup Remover
  •  Extra Camera
  •  List of vendors phone numbers
  •  Extra copy of the maid of honour and best man speech
  •  Extra copy of Bride and Groom speech
  •  Sewing Kit, Safety Pins, Small Scissors
  •  Copy of invitation


8. Hair Accessories– It is surprising how many brides forget to pack their hair accessories (veils, pins, and tiaras) before leaving to the hair salon the day of their wedding. Make sure to pack these things away in a tote bag the night before and place it by the door so you will not forget it. The day of your wedding your mind will be all over the place going over every little detail so let your maid of honour know to remind you the morning before leaving to take these things with you, or delegate her to be in charge of bringing these items.

7. Undergarments– Bride’s get so caught up in making sure that everything looks perfect from their dress to their hair, but sometimes they forget one of the most important items to wear: Panties and a bra. Make sure you set aside the right panties and bra to wear with your dress months before the wedding, as you may have to go out and buy something new to accommodate the type of dress you will be wearing.

6. Vendor Contact List– Make sure to print out a copy of all your vendor’s names and telephone numbers so they can be easily contacted the day of your wedding. Make sure to print out a copy and not just have a copy on your cell phone, just incase your phone dies and you are not able to get to an outlet to charge it.

5. Photography List– Make sure to prepare a list of all the photographs that you will want to take with family and friends, your groom, bridal party, and all of the detailed shots (rings, programs, dress, decor..etc). This is one thing a lot of brides tend to forget and important photographs get missed the day of your wedding.

4. Music List– Don’t forget to send your DJ a list of your preferred songs and a DO NOT PLAY list for your reception. Also, provide him with a detailed time line of when speeches will be and dances. Don’t forget to add in the list for the entrance with the names of your bridal party and the lists of songs that they will walk in to. Last, but not least do not forget to provide them with a list of the songs you will use for your first dance, father daughter dance, and mother son dance. This is something that is easily forgotten.

3. Ceremony Details– Make sure you do not leave the personal items you want to include in your ceremony at home. These items can include: The ring bearer pillow, unity candles, a lighter, a copy of your vows (if they are custom written). Oh and please do not, do not forget the wedding bands.

2. Overnight bags– If you are leaving for your honeymoon right after the reception remember to pack an outfit to go to the airport in. If you are going to a hotel the night before remember to have someone check in for you that day and pack an overnight bag.

Finally, the most important item that a number of brides forget to do is:

1. Get Your Marriage Certificate– I have found that a number of brides always forget this important item on their list of things to do to prepare for their wedding day. Assign your maid of honour or a close family member to ensure that the marriage certificate is brought to the ceremony the day of your wedding.


Wedding Planners can help to ensure that all the small details are done and included in the planning for your wedding. It is their job to go over all of the fine details to ensure that your wedding is a successful one. For more information contact us at info@eventsbynatasha.ca or 416.402.1757 and visit our website at www.eventsbynatasha.ca


Until Next Time,




Pop The Question with Events by Natasha by Your Side

You have finally found that special person you want to spend the rest of your life with so why not make your proposal as magical as your relationship is. Let Events by Natasha help you create a memory that they will never forget.

Each and every relationship is different so that is why each and every proposal should be too. We tailor the proposals to suit each client and their relationship based on information that is provided to us. Whether it is a candle light dinner or a themed proposal, No two proposals will ever be the same.

Each proposal package includes:

A digital frame with photographs from the event to cherish forever

A bottle of Champagne

A dozen red roses

A photographer or videographer to capture the footage to cherish forever

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Good Luck!!!


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Wedding Planning Etiquette Class


We want to know what brides in Toronto would be interested in attending an hour to two hour long wedding planning etiquette class. There will be a number of classes over a two day period, each class will include two speakers from Events by Natasha that will provide you with tips and advice on planning your wedding. You will get first hand advice from wedding professionals. Drinks and snacks will be served and you will get a wedding planning book with checklists, time lines, and a preferred vendor list.

Entry fee will be $10.00


We want to know how many brides would be interested in attending, if we get a lot of positive feedback we will plan it asap.

Share this entry with your friends and family.

Happy Planning!