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When it comes time to create your guest list it can cause a lot of stress and chaos from your Mother telling you who to invite, your Father insisting on inviting people that he hasn’t spoken to in years, or your mother in law wanting to invite all of her neighbours and friends. Whatever the case maybe, this is the part of your wedding where you may come across chaos or confusion, but don’t worry I have created some tips to help you with this process.

1. When you get engaged, your first reaction is to announce it to anybody and everybody around you. Which is normal because you are very excited, which you should be, however, sometimes when you announce it to every single person they may think that they will be invited to your wedding. Which will cause chaos for you when you are creating the guest list because these people are always the ones asking you ‘ When is the Wedding?’. Make sure before you announce all of your details over Social Media or to all of your networks that you have a clear vision of your wedding and the scope of the event. This will allow you to get a clear picture of how many people you are actually going to invite.

2. Make sure you are dividing the seats equally among you, your fiance, and both families. Which means if you are having a wedding of 300 people, you get 100, your fiance 100, and your family 50, and his 50. You want to make sure that each person has an equal amount of people that they can invite, no matter who is paying for the seats. This will help to resolve arguments during the process of planning the guest list as sometimes parent’s on both sides may feel that they must invite everybody they know.

3. Again, your parents and in-laws may feel the need that they have to invite every single person they know, or have come into contact with. This is not the case, your wedding is a very intimate celebration for you, your fiance, family, and loved ones. You should not have to invite people who you do not know, have not spoken to in a very long time, or that your parents or in-laws are forcing you to. For every bride this situation does occur and remember to keep your ground, make sure you make it very clear while planning your wedding that this is the amount of people who you want to attend and this is the amount of people each person is allowed to invite. Make sure you are strict with this rule and do not bend the wire for anybody as this could cause problems later on in planning.

4. When you start to figure out exactly who you will be inviting create an excel sheet on your computer with your guest’s names and addresses so you are fully prepared and organized. You want to make sure to confirm everyone’s information before sending out the invitations as well.

5. Sometimes you may be caught in the ‘ Should I invite them? Or should I not invite them’ process, which does happen a lot. If you do come across this always remember this questionnaire process and always follow it, as it helps you determine if they should be invited to the wedding. I find it very helpful, and always ask my clients these questions to ensure that they are inviting the right people.



6. When you are sending out your invitations and response cards, please make sure to either number each response card, put the names of the people on them, or take a black light marker to mark each response card. This will help you in the case that people do not include their names when sending back the response card, which does happen. Or if you have a number of family members with the same first name and last name, so you will know which exact person has sent the RSVP back to you.

7. In the case where you would like to invite co-workers, it is common courtesy if you are inviting one to invite them all. Unless, you have one friend whom you are very close with at work then you can just invite them, given that they do not make it obvious to your other co-workers on their invite. Sometimes bride’s do not like to invite co-workers as they do not like to mix business with pleasure and like to keep it separate. Inviting co-workers is totally up to you and your fiance, there is no rule that says you must invite them.

These tips come in handy when creating your guest list, be sure to make a note of them and keep them close by when planning your guest list. If you require any advice or any services please visit our website and contact us at, we would love to hear from you.

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Tips On Finding The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Choosing the right dress for your bridesmaids might be just as hard as finding the perfect gown for you. You want to make sure you find the perfect dress so no stress is put on your bridesmaids; you also want to make sure that everybody looks good and feels comfortable wearing the dress. Here are some tips for finding the perfect bridesmaid dress:
1.Remain a best friend- The worst thing that you could possibly do is ask your best friends to be a part of your big day and then turn them into fashion victims. Do not choose a dress that is hideous and nobody would wear just so you will stand out and look better, and don’t choose colours or dresses that will make your bridesmaids look heavy or non-attractive.
2.Choose the right style- You want to make sure the bridesmaid dresses complement your wedding gown, so take your time when you are choosing the right ones. Find a feel that is similar to your wedding gown but doesn’t look similar, you want to make sure that you do stand out.
3.Small, Medium, Large- You have to keep in mind that one size DOESN’T fit all, find a style that flatters all types of sizes and body shapes. You don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable wearing a dress that looks like its a size smaller for them. Keep in mind: A-line dresses and empire waists look good on most body types.
4.Colour- Choose colours that you think will look good on your bridesmaids, keep in mind their skin tones and hair colours. Fairer complexion ladies will look good in pastel hues, however, darker complexions will not.
5.Re-use: You want to make sure you find the perfect bridesmaid dress that your friends can wear again, nothing is worse than spending money on a hideous dress that you wouldn’t be caught in again.
6.Money is a thing: Remember when you are searching for a bridesmaid dress to take into consideration everybody’s budgets. Sometimes people can’t afford to spend $500.00 on a dress. Make sure you discuss with your bridesmaids what they feel comfortable spending, unless you would like to cover the cost of their dresses.
7.Take them along: Invite a few bridesmaids or just your maid of honour to go bridesmaid shopping with you, and extra opinion will be very helpful. Try not to invite everyone at once as it will become more stressful and harder to make a decision. Why not search for dresses that you favour prior, and send out some pictures to your bridesmaids to gain their opinions.
8.Help!!!: Don’t try to control the whole thing yourself and turn into a bridezilla. Ask your maid of honour to help you be in charge of organizing this purchase. Have her get everybody’s opinions and write it all down on a list, incorporating sizes and colours that will flatter each girl.

Make sure through this whole process you are remaining calm and having fun. After all these are your best friends and you choose them to be a part of your day for a reason.

I originally posted this article on in April 2012. I wanted to share it with the brides, because I think it is very informative.

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Colourful Wedding Gowns.. Which Colour Will You Choose?

ImageImageThere is a very big trend for coloured wedding gowns this 2013 wedding season.  Real-life brides along with celebrities are all joining in on the trend. Vera Wang’s Spring 2013 Wedding Dress collection has some beautiful wedding gowns in many different colours. Red and Brown seem to be very popular in her collection. This trend is meant for the daring bride that wants to stand out and be different. 

Did you know: The tradition of wearing a white wedding dress all started because of the white dress Queen Victoria wore in 1840? Brides wanted to look exactly like her. Before the trend that she started, brides were seen wearing black and dark grey wedding dresses. Isn’t it funny how history has a way of repeating itself but in different forms?


Would you wear a colourful wedding dress on your wedding day? If so, what colour would your bridal party wear?



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