Bridal Emergency Kit


Sometimes when you want your wedding day to go as smooth as possible, and nothing to go wrong, the unexpected happens, you forgot your garder belt, one of your bridesmaid’s dress started to tear, one of the grooms had a little too much to drink lastnight and has a bad hangover. For whatever reason it may be, the bridal emergency kit can save the day. Have your maid of honour or whomever you’d like to be in charge of this, carry this kit throughout the whole day making sure that those unexpected problems will be solved immediately.

Here are a list of some things I carry in a bridal emergency kit and I tell brides to carry as well (feel free to add more to the list if needed):

  1. Clear nail Polish
  2. Nail File
  3. Nail polish (bridesmaids shade and bride’s shade)
  4. Makeup
  5. Stocking
  6. Hairspray
  7. Comb, brush, and teasing comb
  8. Bobby pins
  9. Hair elastics
  10. Tissues
  11. Lint brush
  12. Backings to earrings
  13. Mini flat iron (for touch-ups)
  14. Baby Powers (Brides- sometimes you may spill something on your dress, baby powder will help get out the stains fast)
  15. Visin Eye drops for red dry eyes
  16. Contact lens solution and case
  17. Tums, Midol, Advil, Tylenol
  18. Deoderant, Body Spray, Body lotion
  19. Tampons and pads
  20. Band-aids (for those unexpected blisters)
  21. Gum and Mints
  22. Extra garder belt
  23. Flats (for bride and bridesmaids)
  24. Cellphone Charger
  25. Moist Towelletes
  26. Extra Camera
  27. List of vendors phone numbers
  28. Extra copy of the maid of honour and best man speech
  29. Extra copy of Bride and Groom speech
  30. Sewing Kit, Safety Pins, Small Scissors
  31. Copy of invitation

Bridal Emergency Kits are very important to making sure your wedding day goes as smooth as possible. So do not forget to get yours ready for your big day!

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