Found a great DIY project on Pinterest this morning and I had to share it.

This is a great DIY project that can help you save money for your centerpieces if you would like carnations of a different colour. It takes about ten days in length and the end result is beautiful.

Follow this step by step guide:

1. Take white carnations, a set of test tubes, water, and food colouring.

2. Fill the test tubes up with water and food colouring (whatever colours you would like)

3. Place carnations in each of the test tubes

4. Put it to the side

After a day and a half you will start to notice some of the petals taking colour, this happens because the petals soak up the water with the food colouring. After ten days you have your finished product. If you are planning on doing this for a centrepiece make sure you do it ten days before your event.

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