Colourful Wedding Gowns.. Which Colour Will You Choose?

ImageImageThere is a very big trend for coloured wedding gowns this 2013 wedding season.  Real-life brides along with celebrities are all joining in on the trend. Vera Wang’s Spring 2013 Wedding Dress collection has some beautiful wedding gowns in many different colours. Red and Brown seem to be very popular in her collection. This trend is meant for the daring bride that wants to stand out and be different. 

Did you know: The tradition of wearing a white wedding dress all started because of the white dress Queen Victoria wore in 1840? Brides wanted to look exactly like her. Before the trend that she started, brides were seen wearing black and dark grey wedding dresses. Isn’t it funny how history has a way of repeating itself but in different forms?


Would you wear a colourful wedding dress on your wedding day? If so, what colour would your bridal party wear?


New Site Design and Layout

New Site Design and Layout

After a very, very long day spent finishing off editing for our new design and layout it is finally done 🙂 YAY! Check out our new look and let us know what you think!


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Your Personal Fairy God Mother


I originally posted this article on, when I was blogging for them, however, I felt is was necessary to re-post it as brides are always asking ‘ Why Should I Hire A Wedding Planner?’ In this article I explain the benefits of hiring a wedding planner/coordinator so brides can be aware of them.

So you just got engaged, a million thoughts are running through your mind and the thought of it all is starting to stress you out a little, not only that you have your family members adding to your stress with question after question about the planning of your wedding.   You are not sure of where to even begin with all the planning, nor do you have that much time to devote to it. That is where a wedding planner/coordinator comes in.

I truly believe, a wedding planner/coordinator is the bride’s personal fairy godmother and after reading this blog, I’m pretty sure you will too.  The average wedding takes about 250 hours to plan, now throw in your full-time job, your extra-curricular activities, your own personal time, and sleep of course – what are you left with? Stress!  Hiring a wedding planner/coordinator is probably the best decision a bride could make, not only does it save the newly engaged couple time to go about doing their daily activities, but it also helps relieve a lot of stress and with relieving stress, comes eliminating a lot of arguments that may have started between you and your groom, or family members, not saying that the normal quarrels might not happen during the wedding process, but majority of them are eliminated.

When hiring a wedding planner/coordinator you are not only saving yourself the stress and anxiety you are also saving a lot of money – yes, I said it MONEY! Wedding planners have a lot of connections in the industry with qualified vendors and venues, where they offer them certain discounts that you are able to use, not only that, wedding planner/coordinators are very skilled in negotiating so they are always trying to get you the best deal for your money.  Budget Management is one of their strong suits as well, so they will make sure your money is being spent right and you are never going over your budget or spending money in the wrong places.

Majority of Brides have been dreaming about their wedding day, since they were little girls, collecting pictures, visioning what their special day will look like, a wedding planner/coordinator will work for you to make sure that all these dreams are met, and surpassed. They will plan your wedding as to how you want it planned not how they want it planned.

Now, we all know sometimes even during the greatest day of our life emergencies or crisis tend to happen. But, fear no more, your wedding planner/coordinator can take care of them; they are trained in handling any type of emergency and making sure that everything gets taken care of immediately.

Wedding planner/coordinators also create detailed schedules and itineraries for your wedding allowing you not to worry about orchestrating your rehearsal, or ceremony. Your wedding planner/Coordinator will make sure your bridal party and parents are properly lined up and standing in the right places. They can orchestrate the whole wedding from rehearsal right through to the end of the reception and make sure that everything goes as planned.

But, the number one reason as to why people should hire a wedding planner/coordinator is to reduce stress and put the fun back into planning a wedding, more often enough brides forget to enjoy the days leading up to their wedding and have fun because they are so stressed out from planning. Wedding planners/coordinators allow you to throw the fun back into it, and sit back, sip champagne, choose colour swatches, and taste cake.

In the past a wedding planner/coordinator was known to be more of a luxury, today it is more of a necessity to ensure that your wedding is planned smoothly and you are having fun throughout the whole process.

If that doesn’t seem like a bride’s personal fairy godmother-then I don’t know what does.





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