Wedding Plan From The Groom’s Point Of View….

groom-fit-design Advice is always given to the bride, but what about the groom? After all he is the reason why you are walking down the aisle, he did pop the question. Nine out of ten times the groom will agree to everything just to make his beautiful bride happy, but what he should be doing is getting more involved in the planning.  Your wedding is for the BOTH of you, not just the bride.

Here are some tips for the handsome grooms:

  1. Have an opinion: You’re getting married too so why not help with the planning. You don’t need to help pick out the colour of the bridesmaid dresses, or the floral arrangements, but you should be providing your input into the major planning. This will help your bride feel like she is not alone in the planning process and help to distress her.
  2. Speak Up: (This ties in with number one) If there is something that you do not like per say, or do not agree with ‘ SPEAK UP’ Tension tends to always build up in the wedding planning process of grooms not expressing their feelings towards something. Don’t be those pushover grooms; let her know how you feel about certain things. Make sure that you are both on the right page. You will make her happy with expressing your opinions and you will also get your manhood back.
  3. Take on some tasks: Why not help your bride out with the little tasks for instance your wedding registry. I’m sure your bride has already jotted down items that she would love to have, so why not take that list and go to the store and execute this task for her? Don’t forget to add in some items that you may like or want to have. Gifts are not just given to the bride they are for both the bride and the groom.
  4. Choose the attire for the groomsmen ( this ties in with number 3): Take care of what tuxedos you would like to purchase/rent for your groomsmen, take care of all the details yourself. Keep communication with your groomsmen to let them know exactly what is going on. If you are having trouble picking out the right suit, take your best man along he would love to help. That’s what he’s there for.
  5. Get some help: If you notice your bride is overly stressed out and is having trouble with the planning, suggest hiring a wedding planner. Your planner will help the both of you with all the details for your wedding. It will also help relieve a lot of stress and tension built up which leaves more time for cuddling.
  6. Moral Support: Your bride is very stressed out at this time, and the littlest things may get on her nerves, so when she has to vent-LET HER- hear her out, but never bash the people she is venting about.
  7. Keep the romance alive: On the day of your wedding send your bride flowers or a love letter to read while she is getting ready. Remind her of how you are the luckiest man in the world to have her as your wife. At the reception, why not pull the videographer aside and record a romantic message to her. She won’t see it until your video has been edited and complete, but she will thank you later for it.

This post was originally posted on MarketPlaceWedding’s Blog when I used to blog for them under the section from Natasha To You.

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